Research Groups

Meritxell Huch

Education and Qualifications

PhD, Centre for Genomic Regulation-CRG-, University of Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain. (Advisor: Dr Cristina Fillat)
Qualification: Excellent cum laude
Master of Advanced Studies, University of Barcelona (UB).
Qualification: Excellent
BSc in Pharmaceutical Science, University of Barcelona (UB)
Qualification: Excellent. First-Class Honours (Prize for Outstanding Graduate Student) 

Research Experience

02/2014 – present
Group Leader, The Gurdon Institute, University of Cambridge-UK
Affiliated Group Leader at The Wellcome Trust/MRC Cambridge Stem Cell Institute
Member of the Department of Physiology, Developmental Biology and Neurosciences, University of Cambridge
09/2008 – 01/2014
Postdoctoral Fellow (Marie Curie Fellow-IEF). Hubrecht Institute for Developmental Biology and Stem Cell Research. Utrecht, The Netherlands.
Advisor:  Prof Hans Clevers
Postdoctoral Fellow, Centre for Genomic Regulation (CRG), Barcelona, Spain.
Advisor: Dr Cristina Fillat
PhD Student (Spanish Ministry of Health fellow), -CRG-, Barcelona, Spain.
Advisor: Dr Cristina Fillat
Master of Advanced Studies Student (Catalan government fellow), -CRG-, Barcelona, Spain.
Advisor: Dr Cristina Fillat


Patent n: 10171265.1 or EP2412800 A1. Liver organoid, uses thereof and culture method for obtaining them. Huch M, Clevers H.
Patent n: 10703131.2 or EP2393917 A2. Culture medium for epithelial stem cells and organoids comprising said stem cells. Huch M, Clevers H.
Patent n: P200900597 (2009 March). Adenovirus de replicación condicional efectivo en el tratamiento de tumores. (Conditional replication adenovirus for treatment of tumors). Huch M,  Fillat, C.

Prizes & Awards as independent researcher

The BINDER Innovation Prize 2019, German Society for Cell Biology.
Highly Commended 'Researcher of the Year', Cambridge Independent Science and Technology Awards.
Elected EMBO Young investigator 2019- EMBO-YIP by the EMBO
Dame Sheila Sherlock Prize 2018. The British Association for the Study of the Liver (BASL). “Major’s BASL award to recognize your researchers whol will help shaping the future of UK hepatology” (embargoed until 19th-Sep-2018)
The Women in Cell Biology Early Career Medal for 2018. The British Society for Cell Biology. “for pionerring research on stem cell, in particular the work on liver organoids”
The Hamdan Award for Medical Research Excellence Hamdan Awards. “for innovative methods and research that resulted in novel discoveries and inventions”
Wellcome-Beit Prize Wellcome Trust, “for outstanding scientists of the 2014 year as additional recognition to the success in obtaining Wellcome Trust Fellowship to become independent
2014 NC3Rs International Prize