MPI-CBG Postdoctoral Program

At MPI-CBG there are about 100 postdoctoral fellows in about 25 research labs, representing 20 different nationalities. In order to foster collaborations and a sense of community among the postdocs, a Postdoctoral Program has been established. The program includes a yearly postdoc retreat, invited seminar speakers, career workshops and representation and participation in Faculty Meetings. In a survey about the top places to work for postdocs conducted among readers of The Scientist, the MPI-CBG was ranked number one for institutions outside of the United States.

Current CBG postdocs can also find our Postdoc Welcome Packet on the Postdoc Page of the Intranet (requires CBG login and password).


Lisa Redlingshöfer

Postdoc Representative

Lisa Redlingshöfer

Grill Lab
Phone: +49 351 210-2759

Max Planck Institute of Molecular
Cell Biology and Genetics
- Postdocs -

Pfotenhauerstr. 108
01307 Dresden

Swantje Lenz

Postdoc Representative

Swantje Lenz

von Appen Lab

Entry Routes

If you would like to do postdoctoral research at MPI-CBG, please apply to individual group leaders. Also check the Jobs section of the MPI-CBG website for any postings of group leaders actively seeking postdocs.

A second entry route is the ELBE Fellows Program at the Center for Systems Biology, Dresden. The program is a cross-disciplinary collaboration between the MPI-CBG and the nearby Max Planck Institute for the Physics of Complex Systems (MPI-PKS).  To foster collaborations, fellows are usually affiliated with two Principle Investigators working in different disciplines. For details about the application procedure, please visit the program website.

We are also pleased to announce a new Joint Postdoctoral Program between our institute and two institutes in Bangalore, India: the National Centre for Biological Sciences (NCBS) and the Institute for Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine (inStem). This is a structured exchange program to encourage scientific collaboration between our institutes. Please visit the program website for more details and information about how to apply.


The Max Planck PostdocNet is a networking and lobbying organization for all postdocs of the Max Planck Society. Join and Follow the updates in the Website

Hear what former postdocs have to say about their time at the MPI-CBG

Ilya Leventhal

Simons 2008 – 2012; Postdoc-Rep

Without a doubt, the MPI-CBG is the best place in the world to do science. But on top of that, I think Dresden is just a wonderful place to live. There is something that I felt the very first day here in Dresden, when I came for my Postdoc interview. The city is quiet but there are things to do, it’s naturally beautiful with the old buildings and its history.

The MPI-CBG is a unique environment: the open door policy, the central staircase, and the canteen foster interaction between individuals. You can’t help but interact with people and make friends. You really make lifelong friends here. I came to this Institute for my Postdoc interview because of the science but I stayed because this place is so special.

Petrina Delivani

Tolic 2009-2015

I have very good memories of my Postdoc time at the MPI-CBG. The MPI-CBG is super special because of all the fantastic facilities that are all under one roof. You can really focus on your work because of the great administration and services.

Erik Schäffer

Howard 2002-2006

I came to the lab of Joe Howard in March 2002, even before the official opening of the Institute. Everyone was highly motivated and I had a lot of freedom. The infrastructure in the MPI-CBG is great. For example, the mechanical workshop was essential for building our optical tweezers. The architecture of the Institute supports the interactive atmosphere. You meet people everywhere. The low hierarchies and the central facilities are also very special.

Cihan Erkut

Kurzchalia 2012-2015 (Predoc 2008-2012 Kurzchalia)

I joined the Kurzchalia lab for my PhD in 2008. Because we were publishing really well, I wanted to stay for my Postdoc as well for the same project. I have never seen such an open culture that fosters collaborations like in this institute. This prepared me very well for my next career step: I learned to have an open mind and I take initiatives to talk to people about possible collaborations. And this culture of the MPI-CBG is pretty much what is important in science. During my Postdoc time I also really enjoyed the yearly Postdoc retreats with interesting speakers.

Gabriel Krens

Heisenberg 2008-2010

What makes the MPI-CBG special for me is that you see everyone with a smile on their face, people are motivated to interact and share – an atmosphere that I consider to be really valuable. Also the fact that interdisciplinary is not considered as something special here, but is rather something normal - makes the MPI-CBG very special.

All photos and interviews by Katrin Boes, MPI-CBG