A Selection of MPI-CBG’s Core Values and Guiding Principles

In line with the central philosophy of the Max Planck Society, MPI‑CBG wishes to attract top brains to the institute from wherever they may currently reside and then provide them with the optimal environment to pursue their research interests. We believe bringing top international scientists together in an environment that fosters open communication and collaboration leads to the production of innovative research. In order for this strategy to be successful, it is essential that scientists of all nationalities, ethnicities, skin colors, sexual orientations, religions, and/or whatever particular cultural or societal position or inclination feel equally welcome at MPI-CBG. Furthermore, all staff should feel well supported regarding their personal career development and family situation.

Our core values are reflected in the structure of the MPI-CBG, which is focused on removing hierarchy and providing equal access to resources and services for all people at the MPI-CBG (staff and guests), as well as our efforts to provide an environment with equal opportunities and support for families.

Our guiding principle of open communication and caring keeps all staff at MPI-CBG informed of MPI-CBG’s expectations and/or resources pertaining to many critical issues, including: