With the Max Planck Institute of Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics, we built up a top research institute. This was only possible because we managed to attract the best talents from all over the world.

People working here apparently are happy and love their jobs: They voted the MPI-CBG “Best Place to Work” for postdocs and in academia in a survey by “The Scientist” in 2009 - only eight years after the foundation of the Institute. The Institute was also named Dresden’s “Most family friendly institution” in 2012. At the MPI-CBG, people from over 50 nations come together and create a vibrant working environment and an exciting atmosphere. We try to keep hierarchies at a minimum and make sure everyone can get involved. Here, your ideas count.

Dresden is known for its beautiful, baroque flair. But actually, the city has way more to offer: contemporary art shows, modern architecture, or the Dresden Neustadt district with an alternative art scene and an extraordinary high pub density. Moreover, Dresden is a great location for science: Nowhere else in Germany can you find so many scientists and research institutions in such a small area. DRESDEN-concept is a research alliance of the Technische Universität Dresden together with the four major German research institutions aiming at the development of synergies in research structures.