ASI SCAPE Demo System

The ASI SCAPE Demo System is an early pilot system and mainly intended for hardware testing. The system features a single camera with a triple-band detection filter. It can be used for single-color imaging experiments, initial multi-color test experiments, and user training. Due to the limited multi-color imaging capabilities the ASI SCAPE Dual-Camera System is better suited for more complex experimental designs.

Instrument configuration

  • Primary objective: Leica HC PL APO 40x / 1.10 W CORR
  • Total magnification: 67x
  • Field of view: 320 µm x 320 um (with galvo) 320 x 2 mm (with stage)
  • Effective NA (theoretical): ~0.7 in x, ~1.05 in y
  • Measured resolution: ~450 nm in x, ~350 nm in y, ~1.1 µm in z
  • Imaging camera: single Prime BSI Express Scientific CMOS (sCMOS)
  • Frame rate: up to 95 FPS, single plane  
  • Available laser lines: 488 nm (100 mW), 561 nm (100 mW), 638 nm (100 mW)
  • Detection filters: Manual filter slider for fluorescence filters: QuadLine Rejectionband ZET 405/488/561/640m, F57-405, Chroma
  • Software: Micromanager 1.4 with plugin for system contro
  • Type of sample mounting: compatible with well plates, 35 mm dishes, and chamber slides
  • Environmental control: stage top incubator for temperature / CO2 control available