We run efficient services for the design and generation of gene knock-outs, point mutations, knock-ins of tags for protein localisation or purification, targeted or random transgene integrations and so on. Our genome editing platform covers primarily Human, Mouse and Worm species, but we also support other species.

Genome Engineering Services

  • single/ double knockout
  • critical (frame-shifting) exon deletion
  • full-locus deletion
  • defined deletion
  • conditional knockout (loxP insertion, STOP cassette)
  • single/ multiple knock-in
  • endogenous protein tagging (N- or C-terminal)
  • reporter knock-in
  • gene replacement
  • conditional knock-in
  • site-specific transgenesis (e.g. MosSCI, attP)
  • transgene insertion
  • point mutations with defined zygosity


We provide individual and in-course training in genome engineering, from project design using Geneious to implementation.


Cross-facility workflow