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Our Team

Mihail Sarov – Head of Facility

Mihail is a head of the facility since 2015. He studied molecular biology and acquired his PhD in the lab of Francis Stewart. He has a long record of technology development related to transgenics, genome engineering and tag-based protein function discovery. He leads the Genome Engineering service along with a technology development group focused on genome engineering as a platform for understanding the restructuring of cell organisation in development.

Ilka Reichardt-Gómez – Postdoc

Ilka joined the facility in 2019 as a genome engineering specialist and is responsible for the design, organisation and execution of genome engineering projects. She received her PhD in developmental genetics at the University of Tübingen and worked as a postdoc in stem cell research in Vienna. Ilka has advanced experience in genome-editing and sequencing techniques in plant and animal model systems as well as in human and murine stem-cell culture.

Johannes Koellner – Assay development Engineer

Johannes joined the facility 2017 with a master of science in biology and a strong background in molecular biology, genetics, stem cell culture and data analysis. He gained a lot of experience in design, execution, communication and administration of genome editing projects in murine and human systems. Since 2020 he focuses on the development of new techniques and their implementation into the workflow of the facility.

Dana Olbert – Technician

Dana joined the facility as a technician in 2011 and gained a lot of experience in different fields of science. The discovery of the CRISPR/Cas technology has changed completely her responsibilities in the lab. Before she became a specialist in genome engineering in C.elegans, her main work involved high throughput recombineering of fosmid libraries. Genome engineering requires a wide variant of different skills that she can provide for establishing customized worm strains.

Julia Sigl – Technician

Julia Sigl obtained her master of science in molecular life science at the Humboldt University of Berlin. For her master thesis, she established a CRISPR/Cas9 system to induce specific genetic modifications in a 3D cell culture system. Since then, Julia has gained further experiences in genome editing projects of human cancer cells, flow cytometry, hematopoietic stem cell characterization, murine in vivo projects, miRNA qPCR, western blotting and other cell-based assays. Currently, she is involved in genome editing projects with human and murine cells, as well as C. elegans.

Mihail Sarov

Service Leader

Mihail Sarov

Service Leader
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