Accessing the Services and Facilities as an External User or Collaborator

The MPI-CBG services and facilities are offered externally, to campus and non-campus groups, based on availability and with recharge. If you are interested in working with one of our services there are a few steps to take to get access and start your project with us.

Contact the Service Directly

As a starting point you should contact the service or services you are interested in working with directly. Each service has their own contact page.

Advanced Imaging Facility (AIF
Antibody Facility (ABF)
Biomedical Services (BMS)
Cell Technologies (CELLTECH)
Electron Microscopy (EM)
Genome Engineering Facility (GEF)
Light Microscopy (LMF)
Media Technologies and Outreach (MTO)
Organoid and Stem Cell Facility (OSCF)
Protein Biochemistry (PEPC)
Scientific Computing Facility (SCICOMP)
Scientific Infrastructure (SCINF)
Sequencing and Genotyping (DNA)
Technology Development Studio (TDS)
Transgenic Core (TCF)


Setting up an Account

If you are an internal MPI-CBG / CSBD user you should already have an account within PPMS.  If you have any questions please talk with the facilty you are interested in.  The following instructions are for external users and groups.

The services and facilities use a common booking system and in order to have projects or book equipment with us you will need an account for your group, and in many cases your users.  This is a two-step process – first an account for the group leader or PI needs to be created and linked with the appropriate administrative information, and second the individual user accounts need to be created and linked with the group.

Request an Account for my Group as a Group Leader or PI
To request an account for your group please go here:

Group Account Request

You will need your institutional information – including postal address, administrative contact (if applicable), invoicing address, and VAT information.   If you would like you can request user accounts for your group at the same time, in which case you will need their information – at least their full name and email address.

The information submitted will be reviewed and then the group and accounts created within our booking system.  After this is complete you will receive an email confirming this has been done.

Request an Account as a User
If your PI or group leader has already requested your group to be included within our system you can request an account as a user.  In order to do this please go to the link below:

User Creation Request

You will need your group name and your PI or group leader will need to have approved your access either via the link above or via email sent to

Add users to my Group as a Group Leader or PI
After your group has been created you can add additional users or request a refresh of your information. In order to do this please follow the link below.

Group Modification Request

Accessing the Booking System

The new booking system itself can be found here: Service Booking

If you have any questions please talk to the facility you are using and they can refer you onward if need be.