Reaching out

Feel free to drop by spontaneously at our weekly clinic (Tuesdays from 10:00-11:00, Atrium MPI-CBG, no appointment needed) for free consultation on protein biochemistry, including troubleshooting and guidance on protein expression, purification, assay development, cloning, generation of nanobodies, advice on new projects, and instant feedback on wild ideas. We can also be reached virtually over the PEPC-virtual channel in Rocketchat or by mail.

Or simply drop by in person at 1-North any afternoon!

Sample transfer

For exchange of sensitive samples, please use our pick-up box in the freezer located in 133-N.

Our Team

Eric Geertsma – Head of Facility

Eric heads the Facility since 2020. He studied molecular biology and acquired his PhD in biochemistry in the Netherlands. Eric has a strong expertise in the biochemistry of membrane proteins, the generation and application of camelid single-domain antibodies (“nanobodies), and has developed several enabling technologies related to cloning and protein expression screening. In parallel to managing the Facility, he heads a research group studying the Membrane Biochemistry of Solute Transport.

Barbara Borgonovo – Head of protein characterisation

Barbara joined the Institute in 2006 and oversees all equipment and the biophysical technologies of the Facility. She studied Biology in Milan, Italy and acquired her PhD in 2002 in Italy in a shared program with the Open University of London. Barbara has a strong expertise in protein purification and characterization and oversees all chromatography systems and instrumentation for the biophysical characterization of biomolecules.

Aliona Bogdanova – Senior Scientist

Aliona joined the Institute from day one and passed through the labs of Wolfgang Zachariae, and former Director Joe Howard before switching to the Facility. Aliona studied biology in Moscow State University and acquired her PhD in genetics. Aliona has a strong expertise in molecular cloning, biochemistry, and method development. She is experienced in handling a very broad range of model organisms, ranging from simple bacteria and yeasts to Chlamydomonas and mammalian cells. Aliona oversees the Institute’s biobank of expression vectors.

Régis Lemaitre – Research Technician

Régis joined the Eaton lab at the Institute in 1998 before switching to the Facility in 2002. Régis oversees all cell culture activities of the Facility. Next to maintaining our insect and mammalian cell lines, Régis generates baculo- and bacmam viruses and provides standard enzymes to our in house shop.

Eric Geertsma
Head of facility
+49 351 210-2523

General Contact Information

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