Proteins are one of the most predominant actors in cell biology. The PEPC facility of the MPI-CBG guides and supports scientists in their efforts to characterize proteins biochemically. Our services cover a broad spectrum of biochemical techniques and include assistance and training in protein expression, purification, characterization, and assay development. Where needed, the facility develops innovative approaches to facilitate further progress in protein science within the MPI-CBG.

Getting started

The PEPC welcomes users already at the stage of wild ideas and is always happy to brainstorm and contribute to the design of your project. Interactions at an early stage are generally beneficial as they may prevent experimental challenges later. But also feel free to drop by when you encounter unforeseen issues at any other stage. Cloning may fail. Your protein may be recalcitrant. We’ve been there. The PEPC embodies strong expertise in protein biochemistry and is there to join you in troubleshooting. 
Drop by at our weekly clinic without any appointment (Tuesdays, 10-11, Atrium of the MPI-CBG) or contact us directly.

Operational model

The PEPC operates as a user facility: researchers from any background can be trained and guided by the facility to perform biochemical experiments independently using our centralized research infrastructure. In addition, the facility provides a limited number of reagents and covers certain routine task as service.