Biological Mass Spectrometry

Biological mass spectrometry

Biological mass spectrometry is a major analytical tool to study the interplay between molecular composition, spatial organization and dynamics of complex biological systems.

The three pillars of our work - lipidomics, proteomics and analytical technology development – are bundled by absolute (molar) quantification of a broad palette of  biomolecules.

Molar quantities of proteins and lipids elucidate the stoichiometry of molecular assemblies from protein complexes to organelles and organs; characterize their dynamics during organism development as well as organism adaptation to dietary and environmental challenges. Absolute quantification provides reference values of protein and lipid disease markers in liquid and solid biopsies and is highly relevant for clinical chemistry and diagnostics.


Our current research directions are:

  • Absolute (molar) quantification of proteins
  • Label-free quantitative proteomics
  • Shotgun lipidomics by ultra high-resolution mass spectrometry
  • Spatial-specific multiomics by mass spectrometry and laser capture microdissection
  • Software that makes it all real