Lipidomics of liver metabolic disorders

We use shotgun lipidomics to better understand the metabolism in liver in normal and pathological conditions and pursue three major research avenues:

  • Lipidome profiles in liver zonation. Histologically liver has a robust architecture, which defines metabolic zonation of this organ. The liver lobule contains periportal and pericentral hepatocytes, which show different metabolic behaviour. This behaviour is determined by the blood flow direction and oxygen gradient. The zonation is typically characterized at the protein and transcriptional levels; however, lipid profiles remain elusive. Additionally, we aim to study gender-dependent differences in the whole lipidome profile and in various liver zones. This work is performed in collaboration with Dr. Madlen Matz-Soja and her working group at the University Hospital in Leipzig (Matz-Soja lab).
  • Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) – is a liver disease characterized by the lipid accumulation in hepatocytes. We aim to investigate the role of risk markers of NAFLD in liver lipid metabolism by performing liver lipidome profiling of large cohort of patients. This project is a collaborative project with Dr. Jochen Hampe from the University Hospital in Dresden (Hampe lab).
  • Hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) is a primary liver cancer with malignant hepatocyte neoplasm. We target to study lipid intratumor heterogeneity and its effect on liver zonation. Dr. Oskar Knittelfelder from our lab has developed the method of laser-captured microdissection, which allows not only to perform liver imaging and to distinguish periportal zones from pericentral, but also to perform deep lipidome analysis of various lipid classes and species of various liver zones. Together with Dr. Thorsten Cramer and Merve Erdem from University Hospital in Aachen we aim to obtain the knowledge of lipidome changes in HCC including the changes in liver zonation (Cramer lab).

Original Publication

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