Fast-tracking QconCAT approach for absolute protein quantification

Absolute (molar) quantification of proteins provides the analytical rationale for system-level modelling of diverse molecular mechanisms. FastCAT (for Fast-track QconCAT) method employs multiple short (<50 kDa) stable-isotope labeled chimeric proteins (CPs) composed of concatenated quantotypic (Q-) peptides representing the quantified proteins. Each CP also comprises sequences of reference (R-) peptides that relate its abundance to a single protein standard (BSA). FastCAT not only alleviates the need in purifying CP or using SDS-PAGE, but also improves the accuracy, precision and dynamic range of the absolute quantification by grouping Q-peptides according to the expected abundance of target proteins.


Ziemssen Lab
Mikael Simons Lab


Dr. Ignacy Rzagalinski