Sequencing of nucleic acids is one of the basic technologies of molecular biology and is used to study genomes, transcribed RNA, or epigenetics of whole organisms, tissues, single cells, or cell compartments.

How to start a sequencing project?

The sequencing and genotyping team is happy to serve as the first contact point to discuss and brainstorm on projects and to define and design the next logistic and experimental steps. Based on our philosophy that communication is the basis of a successful project, we involve all partners -our users and the experts in sequencing and bioinformatics - right from the beginning. We want to understand the biological question of a project in order to design the best experimental and analysis strategies which could range from routine workflows to customized and complex experimental settings. As scientists and technology enthusiasts, we are always happy to explore and solve experimental challenges.

To provide a variety of state-of-the-art genomic technologies and applications to the scientists of the MPI-CBG and the Dresden research community, the DRESDEN concept Genome center (DcGC) was established. The DcGC is a joined sequencing center of the MPI-CBG and the TU Dresden, and one of four DFG-funded German competence centers for next generation sequencing.