From Cells to Application

Provision of iPSC and continuous cell lines

Cell culture maintenance and differentiation

  • Stem cell maintenance, colony picking and cryopreservation
  • Assistance with 2D differentiation into different lineages/cell types
  • Assistance with 3D organoid derivation, maintenance and differentiation
  • Support during establishment of new/published protocols

Characterization and Quality Control

  • Validation of stem cell markers (FACS, IF, PCR)
  • Authentication (STR Fingerprinting)
  • Genetic integrity (g-banding, SNP-array)
  • Microbial contamination (sterility, mycoplasma)
  • Viral testing (Mumps, HBC, HCV, HIV1/2)


Technical and experimental assistance

  • Protocol development for advanced systems and organoid derivation
  • Support for project planning and execution
  • Help with ethical approvals, biosafety and legal documents


  • Basic training to work with iPSCs
  • Hands-on expertise of maintaining and manipulating of PSCs and organoids