Quarantine unit (mice)

The quarantine unit houses mice delivered from other institutes until they are “cleaned” by embryo transfer. All mice entering in quarantine are subject to be rederived by Transgenic Core Facility​. This unit can also be used for short term experiments with maximum duration of two months - please consult BMS for more information. Should you require instructions how to import mice to MPI-CBG, see here​. We try to keep the stress associated with animal transport as low as possible - therefore we only accept the transport of live animals if no embryos of the desired strains are available.

Experimental unit (mice)

This is a barrier facility reserved exclusively for scientific projects and long-term colony maintenance. The animals in this facility are self-bred or, if imported, must be obtained through rederivation.

SOPF Barrier unit (mice)

Our cleanest facility for the production of genetically modified mice as well as newly purified lines/strains.

External Laboratories within BMS (all species)

These are used for all experiments that do not need to be performed in our barrier area and animal rooms - i.e. all end experiments, organ collection, perfusions, etc.

Multifuctional animal room (mice)

This is a semi-conventional animal room used in conjunction with the external laboratory (see above). This room can accommodate several housing systems such as IVC racks and isolators. Currently, three IVC racks are housed here. This room is the final destination for all mice entering this room (regardless of their origin), there is no way back to the colony or other parts of the facility. Normally, mice brought into this room must be used within three weeks; this period may be extended upon request if there is a scientific justification. Breeding is not allowed.

Aquatics Units - Fish Unit and Frog Unit

The fish unit is responsible for the husbandry of zebrafish and supports the scientific community by providing technical and scientific services. The fish unit comprises two main fish rooms and a quarantine room. The frog unit is a small one-room unit responsible for keeping and breeding Xenopus species and currently houses only Xenopus Leavis frogs and serves only a handful of users.

Fly Unit

The fly unit has traditionally been managed by the fly research groups, but in 2017 it was decided to integrate the fly unit into the BMS. The fly unit primarily prepares food for the fly stocks. The Fly Unit also supports the fly colonies and stock management.

Quail Unit

The quail unit was commissioned in 2021 and serves to raise and house our quail colony. Our quails produce eggs for scientific projects - no experiments are carried out with adult quails.