The main services currently offered by BMS are

General services
  • Animal welfare services, assistance to scientists in applying for permits for animal experiments.
  • Veterinary services, including minor surgical procedures.
  • Health surveillance and reporting
  • Training of users for the required procedures (according to German and EU law as well as FELASA recommendations).
  • Record keeping (PyRAT database) and phenotyping of all new strains according to animal welfare regulations.
Rodents (mainly mice) & quail
  • Animal husbandry and colony management
  • Technical service including minor procedures (e.g. organ collection, biopsies, injections) and experimental service (e.g. blood values, special feeding regimes, glucose tests, perfusions)
  • Import and export of embryos & live animals, quarantine service, rederivation service in collaboration with the Transgenic Core Facility
Aquatics (fish & frogs)
  • Husbandry and breeding
  • Technical service, e.g. hormone priming and egg collection (frogs), sperm freezing and IVF (fish)
  • Import and export of embryos and live fish, quarantine service
Fly unit
  • Food production
  • Basic husbandry and stock keeping

If you can't find a service you need, please contact us - we are open to new ideas and are constantly looking for new ways to promote animal welfare by introducing better scientific practices.