Bacteria Tracking in the MotherMachine

People Involved

Project Description

The aim of this project is to provide an easy to use software tool that automatically tracks bacteria in the MotherMachine (a specialised microfluidic bacteria growing device).

Related Publications

Optimal Joint Segmentation and Tracking of Escherichia Coli in the Mother Machine
(Florian Jug, Tobias Pietzsch, Dagmar Kainmüller, Jan Funke, Matthias Kaiser, Erik van Nimwegen, Carsten Rother, Gene Myers), BAMBI@MICCAI 2014 - in press

Tracking by Assignment Facilitates Data Curation (IMIC Best Paper Award)
(Florian Jug, Tobias Pietzsch, Dagmar Kainmüller, Gene Myers), IMIC@MICCAI 2014 - in press

Poster: The Use of Microfluidic Devices to Understand How Transcriptional to External Stimuli Evolve in Natural Isolates of E. Coli 
(joint with Matthias Kaiser, Siddharth Desphande, Thomas Pfohl, F. J., Erik van Nimwegen, and Olin Silander), BAGECO 2013

Poster: The Interactive MotherMachine -- a CRF Approach to Simultaneous Cell Segmentation and Cell Tracking
(joint with Gene Myers), ICVSS 2013