06.11.2023 - Lab Day

A day just for us! A day to focus on our team, to get to know our skill sets, our strenghts for contributing to scientific methods, lab management and social activites. A day to see where each of us stands, where we want to go, as individuals and as a lab. A day to talk about visions and future, to take a step back and assess our paths. Let's take the next steps together!



27.10.2023 - This is Halloween ...

... this is Halloween, everybody make a scene!!

After a spooky seminar on the evolution of ancient human pathogens and pandemics, we dressed up, showing the insides of our souls. Together with ghosts, pumpkins and skeletons we danced to the tunes of the PostDoc band Ghost Busters and celebrated our experiments that will crawl out of their dark petri dishes to take over the world leadership soon.

23.-25.08.2023 - Joint Lab Retreat to Stolpen

We went on our second Lab Retreat, again to the beautiful village Stolpen. This time, the ATP lab (Agnes Toth-Petroczy) joined us and we spent many fruitful hours discussing about structural biology, cross-linking mass spectrometry, the evolution of mutations and intrinsically disordered proteins, condensates and many more. A seminar on non-violent communication (given by Doris Richter) gave us fresh food for thought.

One memorizable highlight was an owl show, were all of us that wanted could bond with friendly owls. We learned many nerdy but super cool facts about these remarkable night creatures (e.g. that some of them are actually day creatures; that they have more bones in their neck to rotate their head by 270 degrees; that their soft feathers allow them to fly silently). They all had different personalities, just like us, and we quickly found our favourite bird friend. 



11.08.2023 - Good Bye, Bingkun!

Today, we were parting from Bingkun, who is leaving after she successfully finished her Master thesis with us. We will miss you and wish you all the best for your future!

12.12.2022 – Christmas market

We learned a lot about Dresden’s Christmas traditions during our guided winter tour, enjoyed hot Glühwein and ended with a delicious dinner in the evening – no shots were missed!



17.11.2022 – Dollie received the Humboldt Research Fellowship


Congratulations from all of us
(and thanks for the cheering reason!)



30.10.2022 – Dollie’s Birthday

Happy Birthday to you!!
And thanks to Swantje for the delicious carrot cake!

9.10.-12.10.2022 – Lab retreat in Stolpen

Our young lab spent its first retreat together!
We had had many fruitful discussions that will fuel our experiments in the future. While our talks were critically observed by multiple deer trophies, we had a great time in our hotel and were served some fantastic meals. We had a beautiful autumnal hike through the colorful nature and quite some long nights, enjoying games and hilarious slideshow karaoke.



23.09.2022 – Friday’s for Future

Let’s fight for a better world!!


11.08.2022 – Picnic 2nd

We finally got into picnic mood all together and had plenty of yummy snacks and drinks in the summer sun of Großer Garten.



06.08.2022 – Picnic 1st

Some of us enjoyed a picnic next to the river

10.12.2021 – Hollywood comes to CBG

In the great course of the CBG Christmas party we filmed our version of the Christmas story ‘A New Lab is Born’. Every part of the progress, from writing the script to adding the high-quality special effects, was a joyful time!