The Genome Engineering Facility provides expertise, tools and services related to genome engineering. We build the experimental models our research labs need to address their biological questions. We will support any experimental system the research groups of the institute require. Cell culture (immortalised and stem cells), C. elegans and mouse are the over 90% of what our users request, but we have supported projects in Drosophila, Zebrafish, Crustaceans, Platynereis, Planaria, Chlamydomonas, Quail, Ferret, etc.


Getting started

The GEF is always happy to discuss your ideas and also helps with the design of your project.

How to reach us?

  • through Rocketchat “vitual walk-in channel” GEF-virtual
  • during the Tuesday’s clinics
  • through email
  • by stopping by our lab (R205).

We take the time to listen and understand the aims of the project so we can recommend the best possible strategy to build the necessary models.


Operational model

Our services are executed in collaboration with other facilities (stem cell facility (OSCF), transgenic core facility (TCF), FACS, Sequencing) as complete pipelines, which cover all steps - from design to validation. The whole process is transparent to the user through the use of the Labfolder electronic labbook, but the communication, materials and data exchange between the facilities are taken care of and typically no user interaction is required beyond the planning stage.