Next to their scientific mission, technology development groups have an additional focus on developing novel enabling technologies that open new innovative experimental avenues tailored to the needs of the institute. To achieve this, they extensively collaborate with research groups. Technology development group leaders also oversee a facility close to their area of expertise to further disseminate their knowledge. All of them are independent, receive a defined package of support, and have a defined amount of space.

Eric Geertsma

Mechanisms and Modulation of Solute Carriers

Biological membranes efficiently divide space into two compartments. Transport proteins in these membranes enable selective passage of solutes and consequently play a central role in controlling the internal milieu of cells, and strongly affect cellular physiology. The Geertsma lab combines structural and functional studies to obtain a complete mechanistic understanding of transport by solute carriers and to guide our efforts in modulating their activities in complex environmnents as living cells. In parallel and to support these aims, we develop novel enabling technologies for protein research.
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Mihail Sarov

Genome editing as a platform for understanding the restructuring of cell organisation in development

The Sarov lab is developing tools that allow the systematic tracking of the protein components that build up the various cell structures. We are particularly interested in how the cell nucleus is restructured during development.
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