Sharing the passion: Dresden Science Night

MPI-CBG visits Faculty of Biology

Observing mouse skull bone cells through a microscope at the science station from the research lab of Jacqueline Tabler. eHello © Katrin Boes / MPI-CBG

A forecasted rainy evening turned into a thrilling summer night bursting with science on June 30, 2023, during the annual Dresden Science Night. This year, enthusiastic representatives from the Max Planck Institute of Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics (MPI-CBG) shared their passion for science at stations throughout Dresden.

The MPI-CBG was represented with two stations at the Faculty of Biology at the TU Dresden. The hands-on science station by the research group of Jacqueline Tabler at the MPI-CBG allowed visitors to learn all about skull development. Many eager visitors took advantage of this opportunity by examining mouse skull bone cells under a microscope, testing their knowledge by assembling a skull model, and learning from the enthusiastic scientists. The MPI-CBG general information booth at the same location gave visitors insight about the institute and its research goals and highlighted the exciting program for the upcoming activities for the 30th anniversary of the six Max Planck Institutes in Saxony. Visitors could also engage in a compelling and educational quiz. At the "Science goes to School" station at the Dresden Kulturpalast, the MPI-CBG was represented by Vinca Yadav from the research group of Pavel Tomancak and Elisa Nerli from the DRESDEN-concept research group of Rita Mateus at the MPI-CBG. Visitors there were encouraged to test their laboratory skills by extracting DNA from a banana and had the opportunity to get to know some model organisms.

The Dresden Science Night 2023 was a great success, with a total of 48.000 visitors attending 1.257 events! We thank all volunteers, the Faculty of Biology of the TU Dresden, the Kulturpalast for hosting us, and the many visitors. We hope to see everyone at the MPI-CBG for the Science Night next year on June 14, 2024.