Quality seal for Best Practice Examples in Animal Research Communication 2023

The MPI-CBG is awarded a quality seal by the initiative "Tierversuche verstehen" for its website on animal research.

During the anniversary event of the "Transparency Agreement for Animal Research" on July 3, the Max Planck Institute of Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics (MPI-CBG) in Dresden received the quality seal for Best Practice Examples in Animal Research Communication 2023. The quality seal is awarded by "Tierversuche verstehen", an information initiative of the Alliance of Science Organizations. Next to the MPI-CBG, the quality seal was awarded to four other institutions. The MPI-CBG received the quality seal for the website "Animals in Research" on the MPI-CBG web pages. This website highlights animal studies in basic research, ethics and responsibilities, animal welfare at the institute, facts and figures, and communication. The steering group of "Tierversuche verstehen" considers the website of the MPI-CBG and its work in the area of public relations to be exemplary and says: “Why basic research is so important and what ethical responsibility goes hand in hand with the way animals are handled in basic research is well explained on the site. Thus, the MPI does its part to classify and communicate the necessity of animal experiments for society and offers a detailed overall package of information for all interested parties.”

MPI-CBG researchers and staff are aware of the great responsibility that comes with animal experimentation in basic biological research and provide the highest level of animal welfare and care for laboratory animals. All laboratory animals under the care of MPI-CBG should be treated with respect and dignity throughout their lives. At MPI-CBG, we are convinced that good science can only be achieved with the highest level of animal welfare. 

On July 1, 2021, the "Transparency Agreement for Animal Research" was launched. The MPI-CBG was one of the first members to sign. Supported by the Alliance of Scientific Organizations and organized by the DFG Senate Commission for animal experimentation research and "Tierversuche verstehen", after two years the initiative has now almost reached the mark of 100 signatory institutions.

All awardees of the quality seal: https://www.tierversuche-verstehen.de/qualitaetssiegel-fuer-tierversuchs-kommunikation/