Institutional Research Consortia at the MPI-CBG

This site highlights projects of international and national relevance that combine the overarching scientific fields of the MPI-CBG and have a strong collaborative and interdisciplinary character. More projects will be added consecutively.

International Genome Sequencing Projects

The MPI-CBG and CSBD are actively engaged in the production of high-quality genome assemblies using long-read sequencing and scaffolding technologies. Our special expertise lies in genome assembly, and we are actively participating in several synergistic sequencing projects, namely: ​​​​​​

The MPI-CBG, the CSBD, and all projects above are funded by the Max Planck Society. All the sequencing, assembly, and initial annotation for the Bat1K and Euro-Fish projects are being performed in Dresden. Each of the genomes sequenced at the MPI-CBG and the CSBD will be made available in public repositories and will become part of the Genomic Ark, the digital open-access library of the 66,000 species sequenced within the VGP project. 

The MPI-CBG is part of the DRESDEN-concept Genome Center (DCGC). The DCGC is a joint sequencing center between the TU Dresden and the MPI-CBG and one of four DFG-funded German competence centers for next-generation sequencing (NGS-CC). The cooperative project is an amalgamation of employees of the TU Dresden and MPI-CBG, as well as of the CSBD and the Center for Regenerative Therapies Dresden (CRTD), a Cluster of Excellence at TU Dresden. This has led to a successful bundling of the Dresden-based expertise in the field of genome sequencing.