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Sascha M Kuhn, André Nadler
Messages across time and space.
Elife, 9 Art. No. e63845 (2020)
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Stephanie Spannl#, Tomasz Buhl, Ioannis Nellas, Salma A Zeidan, K Venkatesan Iyer, Helena Khaliullina, Carsten Schultz, André Nadler, Natalie Dye#, Suzanne Eaton
Glycolysis regulates Hedgehog signalling via the plasma membrane potential.
EMBO J, 39(21) Art. No. e101767 (2020)
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Milena Schuhmacher, Andreas T Grasskamp, Pavel Barahtjan, Nicolai Wagner, Benoit Lombardot, Jan Simon Schuhmacher, Pia Sala, Annett Lohmann, Ian Henry, Andrej Shevchenko, Ünal Coskun, Alexander M Walter#, André Nadler#
Live-cell lipid biochemistry reveals a role of diacylglycerol side-chain composition for cellular lipid dynamics and protein affinities.
Proc Natl Acad Sci U.S.A., 117(14) 7729-7738 (2020)
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Nicolai Wagner, Milena Schuhmacher, Annett Lohmann, André Nadler
A Coumarin Triflate Reagent Enables One-Step Synthesis of Photo-Caged Lipid Metabolites for Studying Cell Signaling.
Chemistry, 25(68) 15483-15487 (2019)
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Kai Schuhmann, HongKee Moon, Henrik Thomas, Jacobo Miranda Ackerman, Michael Groessl, Nicolai Wagner, Markus Kellmann, Ian Henry, André Nadler, Andrej Shevchenko
Quantitative Fragmentation Model for Bottom-Up Shotgun Lipidomics.
Anal Chem, 91(18) 12085-12093 (2019)
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Nicolai Wagner, Milena Stephan, Doris Höglinger, André Nadler
A Click Cage: Organelle-Specific Uncaging of Lipid Messengers.
Angew Chem Int Ed Engl, 57(40) 13339-13343 (2018)
Open Access   DOI
Alf Honigmann#, André Nadler#
The Next Frontier: Quantitative Biochemistry in Living Cells.
Biochemistry, 57(1) 47-55 (2018)


Alexander M Walter, Rainer Müller, Bassam Tawfik, Keimpe Db Wierda, Paulo S Pinheiro, André Nadler, Anthony W McCarthy, Iwona Ziomkiewicz, Martin Kruse, Gregor Reither, Jens Rettig, Martin Lehmann, Volker Haucke, Bertil Hille, Carsten Schultz, Jakob Balslev Sorensen
Phosphatidylinositol 4,5-bisphosphate optical uncaging potentiates exocytosis.
Elife, 6 Art. No. e30203 (2017)
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Malou Zuidscherwoude, Vera-Marie E Dunlock, Geert van den Bogaart, Sjoerd J van Deventer, Alie van der Schaaf, Jenny van Oostrum, Joachim Goedhart, Joanna In 't Hout, Günter J Hämmerling, Satoshi Tanaka, André Nadler, Carsten Schultz, Mark D Wright, Merel J W Adjobo-Hermans, Annemiek B van Spriel
Tetraspanin microdomains control localized protein kinase C signaling in B cells.
Sci Signal, 10(478) Art. No. eaag2755 (2017)
Doris Höglinger, André Nadler, Per Haberkant, Joanna Kirkpatrick, Martina Schifferer, Frank Stein, Sebastian Hauke, Forbes D Porter, Carsten Schultz
Trifunctional lipid probes for comprehensive studies of single lipid species in living cells.
Proc Natl Acad Sci U.S.A., 114(7) 1566-1571 (2017)


André Nadler
Ronald J. Clarke and Mohammed A. A. Khalid (Eds): Pumps, channels and transporters: methods of functional analysis.
Anal Bioanal Chem, 408(26) 7225-7226 (2016)
Felix Hövelmann, Katarzyna M Kedziora, André Nadler, Rainer Müller, Kees Jalink, Carsten Schultz
Optotaxis: Caged Lysophosphatidic Acid Enables Optical Control of a Chemotactic Gradient.
Cell Chem Biol, 23(5) 629-634 (2016)
Dmytro A Yushchenko, André Nadler, Carsten Schultz
Manipulating cell signaling with subcellular spatial resolution.
Cell Cycle, 15(8) 1023-1024 (2016)
Mesut Bilgin, Petra Born, Filomena Fezza, Michael Heimes, Nicolina Mastrangelo, Nicolai Wagner, Carsten Schultz, Mauro Maccarrone, Suzanne Eaton, André Nadler, Matthias Wilm, Andrej Shevchenko
Lipid Discovery by Combinatorial Screening and Untargeted LC-MS/MS.
Sci Rep, 6 Art. No. 27920 (2016)
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André Nadler, Dmytro A Yushchenko, Rainer Müller, Frank Stein, Suihan Feng, Christophe Mulle, Mario Carta, Carsten Schultz
Exclusive photorelease of signalling lipids at the plasma membrane.
Nat Commun, 6 Art. No. 10056 (2015)
Open Access   PDF    DOI
Christina Nadler, André Nadler, Christine Hansen, Ulf Diederichsen
A Photocleavable Auxiliary for Extended Native Chemical Ligation.
Eur J Org Chem, 2015(14) 3095-3102 (2015)


Doris Höglinger, André Nadler, Carsten Schultz
Caged lipids as tools for investigating cellular signaling.
Biochim Biophys Acta, 1841(8) 1085-1096 (2014)
Mario Carta, Frederic Lanore, Nelson Rebola, Zsolt Szabo, Silvia Viana Da Silva, Joana Lourenço, Agathe Verraes, André Nadler, Carsten Schultz, Christophe Blanchet, Christophe Mulle
Membrane lipids tune synaptic transmission by direct modulation of presynaptic potassium channels.
Neuron, 81(4) 787-799 (2014)
Vibor Laketa, Sirus Zarbakhsh, Alexis Traynor-Kaplan, Aidan Macnamara, Devaraj Subramanian, Mateusz Putyrski, Rainer Mueller, André Nadler, Matthias Mentel, Julio Saez-Rodriguez, Rainer Pepperkok, Carsten Schultz
PIP3 induces the recycling of receptor tyrosine kinases.
Sci Signal, 7(308) Art. No. ra5 (2014)


André Nadler, Gregor Reither, Suihan Feng, Frank Stein, Sabine Reither, Rainer Müller, Carsten Schultz
The fatty acid composition of diacylglycerols determines local signaling patterns.
Angew Chem Int Ed Engl, 52(24) 6330-6334 (2013)
André Nadler, Carsten Schultz
The power of fluorogenic probes.
Angew Chem Int Ed Engl, 52(9) 2408-2410 (2013)


Friederike Fehr, André Nadler, Florian Brodhun, Ivo Feussner, Ulf Diederichsen
Semi-synthesis and analysis of chemically modified zif268 zinc-finger domains.
ChemistryOpen, 1(1) 26-32 (2012)


Eike-F Sachs, André Nadler, Ulf Diederichsen
Triostin A derived hybrid for simultaneous DNA binding and metal coordination.
Amino Acids, 41(2) 449-456 (2011)
André Nadler, Julian Strohmeier, Ulf Diederichsen
8-Vinyl-2'-deoxyguanosine as a fluorescent 2'-deoxyguanosine mimic for investigating DNA hybridization and topology.
Angew Chem Int Ed Engl, 50(23) 5392-5396 (2011)
André Nadler, Christian Koch, Florian Brodhun, Jürgen A. Wehland, Kai Tittmann, Ivo Feussner, Ulf Diederichsen
Influence of substrate dideuteration on the reaction of the bifunctional heme enzyme psi factor producing oxygenase A (PpoA).
Chembiochem, 12(5) 728-737 (2011)


Julian Strohmeier, André Nadler, Daniel Heinrich, Ansgar Fitzner, Ulf Diederichsen
Synthesis of 8,1‘-etheno- and 8,2‘-ethano Bridged Guanosine Derivatives using Radical Cyclization
Heterocycles, 82 713-728 (2010)


André Nadler, Christina Hain, Ulf Diederichsen
Histidine Analog Amino Acids Providing Metal-Binding Sites Derived from Bioinorganic Model Systems
Eur J Org Chem, 4593-4599 (2009)


André Nadler, Ulf Diederichsen
Guanosine Analog with Respect to Z-DNA Stabilisation: Nucleotide with Combined C8-Bromo and C2‘-Ethinyl Modifications
Eur J Org Chem, 1544-1549 (2008)