TU Dresden awards Kai Simons with Badge of Honour

Recognition of outstanding individual achievements for the benefit of the TU Dresden

© TU Dresden / Michael Kretzschmar

The TU Dresden has honored members of the university who have made outstanding contributions to the benefit of the university through extraordinary accomplishments and special individual achievements. Six badges of honor were awarded to Alexander Busch, Prof. Manfred Curbach, Prof. Horst-Peter Götting, Prof. Ellen Hieckmann, Prof. Michael Kobel and Prof. Kai Simons. Prof. Stefan Bornstein was awarded a medal of honor.

Kai Simons is one of the founding directors of the MPI-CBG. He led the institute as its first managing director and has had an impact far beyond its borders as a tireless driving force for the life sciences and biotechnologies in Dresden. His initiative, energy and vision were crucial in establishing Dresden as a global location for biotechnology and in making the life sciences an important element of the TU Dresden excellence strategy. As a professor in the Faculty of Medicine at TU Dresden, he played a key role in planning and shaping the teaching of the life sciences and also served as a member of the TU Dresden University Council. 

Congratulations, Kai!