Physical Biology of the Cell

DRESDEN-concept Summer School Bootcamp for Physical Biology with Rob Phillips in Dresden.

Participants of the Physical Biology Bootcamp. ©MPI-CBG

The MPI-CBG hosted the Physical Biology Bootcamp from October 3–7, 2022. Historic advances in molecular biology, structural biology, and the application of biophysical techniques such as optical traps have provided an unprecedented window on the mechanics of the cell. About 60 course participants from various research institutions in Dresden investigated the cell and its components using tools that allowed them to make quantitative and predicative statements about cellular life. The overall focus of the course was the idea that the type of quantitative data that is becoming routine in biology calls for a corresponding quantitative modeling framework. The course elaborated general principles with exciting case studies.

The course was led by Rob Phillips, the Fred and Nancy Morris Professor of Biophysics, Biology, and Physics at the California Institute of Technology, USA. Rob’s partner was Tom Röschinger, a graduate student in his lab. DRESDEN-concept supported the course generously.