Mission Statement

The Biophysics Core Facility (BCF) provides technology and expertise for pursuing biophysical analysis of living systems at scales that bridge from single molecules to tissues and organs. In addition, the facility also develops, builds, and operates custom-built light microscopy setups to provide MPI-CBG researchers access to novel, not commercially available microscopy techniques.

Due to the complexity of workflows, the BCF maintains and refines pipelines for biophysics research to analyse physical variables and properties including forces, flows, and elasticity. With respect to advanced imaging, the facility supports pipelines for techniques such as ultrafast volumetric imaging using single single-objective light sheet microscopy, Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging Microscopy (FLIM), Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy (FCS), and Single-Molecule Localization Microscopy (SMLM).

The instruments within the facility fall into the following categories:

  1. Molecular force measurements of biological system (optical tweezers)
  2. Physical properties of cells and tissues (laser cutters, nanoindenter)
  3. Micropatterning of 3D surface structuration
  4. Custom-built imaging systems (e.g., SCAPE)

The BCF provides training and support to MPI-CBG researchers on the entire experimental pipeline including usage of these instruments as well as sample preparation and post-processing of the data.

For research groups developing their own custom instruments, the BCF offers its technical know-how during the design phase and troubleshooting during the setup process.

Access rules
Basic users can only access the instruments after electronic booking and with an assistant. Advanced users might be allowed to access the instruments without supervision, but only after having received a proper training on the microscope by an assistant. In any case, a user will always be able to contact an assistant during normal working hours using the internal telephone system for troubleshooting unexpected issues.

Questions concerning the sample mounting and handling will be discussed before the first training session, in order to maximize the time a user will actually spend collecting data.

BCF Booking system

Please use the PPMS system for booking any resource of BCF.

The BCF is open to internal and external users. Please contact us if you are interested in using our services!

You can have a look at some images acquired with the systems available in the BCF.