Cedric's paper celebration pizza party

We had a great pizza party night celebrating Cedric's paper publication. Well done Cedric!

Cedric Landerer, Jonas Pöhls, Agnes Toth-Petroczy
Fitness effects of phenotypic mutations at proteome-scale reveal optimality of translation machinery.
Mol Biol Evol, Art. No. doi: 10.1093/molbev/msae048 (2024) 

ERC Starting Grant for our lab

Agnes has received an ERC Starting Grant to study the Evolution of Biomolecular Condensates!


Click here for press release of MPI-CBG and the European Research Council.

We are going to hire new computational and experimental PhD students/scientists. If you are passionate about evolution and condensates, send applications to toth-petroczy@mpi-cbg.de.

Goodbye Deep!

Deep is leaving after working here for 3 years, first as a HiWi, Master student and then as a software engineer. We had many successful projects and fun activities together! 

Good luck with your new adventure as a software engineer in Berlin!

PICNIC is online

Our model, PICNIC (Proteins Involved in CoNdensates In Cells) was trained to recognize proteins involved in in vivo biomolecular condensates.

PICNIC enables systematic detection of condensate proteins across organisms. See precomputed predictions for 14 common model organisms picnic.cd-code.org


Link to our preprint bioRxiv

Congratulations to Anna and all co-authors, Deep, Nadia and special thanks to Hari from Hyman lab for testing some top predictions in human cells!



Our new tool for clinical variant interpretation is published

Congratulations to Federica and big thank you to our collaborators at HMS, Ivan and Chris!

DeMAG predicts the effects of variants in clinically actionable genes by integrating evolutionary and structural features. Nature Comm 2023


Celebrating CD-CODE

CD-CODE is published @Nature Methods. Congatulations to all CD-CODE team members, especially to the first authors, Deep and Nadia!

This project was a beautiful collaboration of software engineers and computational and experimental biologists.

Read the story behind the paper.


Phenotypic mutations contribute to protein diversity and shape protein evolution

Our review about phenotypic mutations is published in Protein Science.


Gongratulations to Sisi, Cedric and Jonas!

Master Thesis Defense of Soumyadeep Ghosh (December 2021)

Congratulations to Deep for defending his Master thesis at the Computational Modeling and Simulations program at TUD!

Goodbye Anastasiia!

Congratulations for defending your Master thesis at TUD and good luck with your PhD in Berlin!

Master Thesis defense of Alejandro (November 2020)

Alejandro successfully defended his Masters thesis at TU Dresden. Congratulations!!! And good luck!