The safety office is the central service unit  to support all the varied aspects of our research and teaching. The staff have an impressive number of years' experience in their fields of expertise and a breadth of knowledge that enables them to advise on almost every aspect of health and safety in our institute. We provide a service which offers realistic and practical solutions in support of all the varied aspects of our research areas.

Our task is to contribute to the success of the MPI-CBG through the promotion of a safe and healthy place to work, study and visit and enjoy and accordingly. 

Health and safety must enable our staff to achieve our goals. We do this by:

  • Evaluating and implementing of all types of hazards (chemicals, laser protection, x-ray)  
  • Safe workplace design in cooperation with the company doctor
  • Basics of fire protection 
  • Basics of the institute hygiene
  • Providing training courses such as first aid
  • Providing the basics for the annual safety briefings
  • Being the first point of contact for authorities and assisting the research groups and scientific facilities with their visits and inspections.

As Head of the Safety Office, Kathleen Kulb and Michael Wogan will be happy to assist you in all matters of health and safety protection.