The role of the Scientific Infrastructure Facility (including the Instrument Repair Service, Automation and Workshops) is to ensure that the laboratories at MPI-CBG are suitably equipped and maintained to support the scientific activities of our research groups and core facilities. We provide consultation with regard to identification and provision of instrumentation and are responsible for the coordination of scientific equipment purchase, instrument repair and maintenance, and the management of laboratory space and resources.

Services provided:

  • Consultation regarding suitable technologies and resources to meet research goals.
  • Planning and coordination of scientific equipment purchase (including liaison between the scientific body and administration).
  • Support for new group leaders in establishing their labs at MPI-CBG.
  • Liaison with equipment suppliers regarding new technologies.
  • Laboratory infrastructure management (including laboratory renovations, equipment installations and management of laboratory space and resources).
  • Scientific equipment inventory and life cycle management.
  • Management of equipment service contracts, maintenance and repair.
  • In-house maintenance, repair and calibration services for laboratory equipment.
  • Custom design and manufacture of specialized instruments/ components.