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Electron Microscopy evolved into an indispensable tool for ultrastructural research of biological and non-biological specimens. The use of electrons with their short wavelength allows to routinely analyze the structure of cells, organelles, macromolecules and even proteins. The samples can only be imaged in vacuum which requires specialized preparations and many auxiliary techniques (for example plastic embedding, thin sectioning, and immuno-labeling) to address the various scientific questions.

Electron Microscopes can be subdivided into Transmission Electron Microscopes and Scanning Electron Microscopes. Transmission Electron Microscopes can image thin samples in 2D or 3D. Scanning Electron Microscopes can provide the topography of a surface and 3D data. For Electron Microscopy, the sample preparation is very important in order to preserve native-like fine structure and to avoid artifacts. The EM Facility is open to everybody and we offer our expertise to find the optimal preparation technique and suited microscope to answer the scientific questions.

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