Services & Facilities

Getting started

The PEPC welcomes users already at the stage of wild ideas and is always happy to brainstorm and contribute to the design of your project. Interactions at an early stage are generally beneficial as they may prevent experimental challenges later. But also feel free to drop by when you encounter unforeseen issues at any other stage. Cloning may fail. Your protein may be recalcitrant. We’ve been there. The PEPC embodies strong expertise in protein biochemistry and is there to join you in troubleshooting.
Drop by at our weekly clinic without any appointment (Tuesdays, 10-11, Atrium of the MPI-CBG) or contact us directly.

Operational model

The PEPC operates as a user facility: researchers from any background can be trained and guided by the facility to perform biochemical experiments independently using our centralized research infrastructure. In addition, the facility provides a limited number of reagents and covers certain routine task as service.

Experimental repertoire

We cover virtually all steps in protein biochemistry, ranging from the generation of expression constructs up to purification, quality control, and characterization of your target protein. Our portfolio includes, but is not limited to:

  • Large variety of vectors for the expression of proteins in bacterial, insect, and mammalian cells
  • Assistance in complex cloning tasks
  • Generation of baculo- and bacmam-virus
  • Cells (bacteria) or ready-to-infect cultures (insect and mammalian cells)
  • Incubators for cultivation of bacteria, insect-, and mammalian cells
  • Instrumentation for preparative and analytical cell disruption
  • Pumps, HPLCs, and column media for protein purification using affinity chromatography, IEX, HIC, and SEC
  • Characterization of proteins by SEC-MALS (oligomeric state), nanoDSF (stability), circular dichroism (secondary structure), DLS (size distribution of proteins and particles), and MST (interactions and binding).

Next to soluble proteins, the facility is experienced in dealing with different protein types, including intrinsically disordered proteins, membrane proteins, and protein complexes. We have established pipelines for the high-throughput screening for conditions compatible with high expression levels and increased protein stability. Our protocols are directly available for internal users as templates in Labfolder.


All our equipment can be reserved using CART. For new users a short compulsory training applies before instruments can be used independently. Insect and mammalian cell cultures can be requested using CART as well. For the generation of baculo- and bacmam-virus, please contact us over Rocketchat for instructions.
Different pricing models apply for internal and external users and collaborators.