Services & Facilities

Custom optics

Organoids SPIM
Lattice lighsheet microscope @AIF
Custom objective developed by AIF
Bessel beam lightsheet microscope @AIF
The "Xwing" microscope
Xwing sample chamber
Lattice lightsheet: detail of main assembly

Imaging at AIF

Insulin granules

Lattice lightsheet (max projection), 3 volumes/second. Movie by Andreas Müller (Solimena group)


XWing scope, movie by Robert Haase (Myers group), sample by Mangal Prakash (Jug group)

Drosophila embryo, His-RFP

XWing scope, movie by Robert Haase (Myers group)

3-D reconstruction of endosomes (green) and mitochondria (red) in a HeLa cell.

Lattice lightsheet. Fosheng Hsu, Zerial Lab MPI-CBG

C. elegans embryo, His-GFP βTub-GFP

Bessel SPIM, movie by Loïc Royer

Zebrafish brain acute manipulation. Ras-GFP

Bessel SPIM. Ablation: 920 nm, 500 mW, Ti:Sa laser. Sample by Jaroslav Icha, Imaging by Kei Murata

Pollen grain actin

Structured illumination, sample by Jurai Sekereš

Bryozoan larva

Multiphoton imaging of Oscarella

Excitation 940 nm. Sample by Emmanuel Reynaud