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Feb 2018
Our FLUCS paper is out! Read more here.

Mar 2017
The Kolle lab @ MIT turned our discovery of retinal micro-lenses into novel display technology! Read more here.

Jan 2017
We are offering a Postdoctoral Position to study the Origin of Life. See more details here.

Dec 2016
We successfully applied for a 1.3 million Euro grant from the Volkswagen Foundation (VolkswagenStiftung) for the collaborative project „De novo evolution of protocells with functional genomes“

Apr 2016
We have a postdoc position available (see jobs).

Apr 2016
Juan was awarded a Boehringer Ingelheim fellowship to investigate the origin of life.

Jan 2016
Anatol Fritsch joined us for a joint postdoc project with the Hyman lab!
July 2015
Meet us at EBSA. We are present with five contributions.
June 2015
Matthäus was awarded a DIPP fellowship for outstanding achievements during the first year of his PhD!
June 2015
Kaushik received the Carl Zeiss Poster Award at the 'Young Reseachers Vision Camp'. Well done.
June 2015
Sara Nagelberg from MIT arrived for a 3 months stay in our lab!
May 2015
Welcome to the lab, Juan.
Mar 2015
We have 4 talks at the annular meeting of the German physical society!
Jan  2015
Altmetric ranked our paper with Braun lab #7 out of 1023 articles so far published in Nature Chemistry!
Dec  2014
The Kreysing lab became member of the Max Planck Center for Systems Biology Dresden (CSBD)
Dec  2014
Welcome to the lab, Kaushik!
Oct  2014
Alfonso successfully applied for a DAAD fellowship. Congratulations!



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