The Alberti Lab

General Contact Information

Max Planck Institute
of Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics
- Alberti -

Pfotenhauerstr. 108
01307 Dresden

Phone +49 351 210 2663
Fax +49 351 210 1209

Current Lab Members

Name Position Email Phone
Alberti, Simon Group Leader +49 351 210-2663
Desroches Altamirano, Christine Predoc +49 351 210-2415
Eßlinger, Anne Predoc +49 351 210-2453
Franzmann, Titus Postdoc +49 351 210-1245
Guillén Boixet, Jordina Postdoc +49 351 210-2462
Iserman, Christiane Predoc +49 351 210-2714
Kopach, Andrii Predoc +49 351 210-2915
Maharana, Shovamayee Postdoc +49 351 210-2778
Mediani, Laura Guest
Nüske, Elisabeth Predoc +49 351 210-2539
Richter, Doris TA +49 351 210-2998
Trussina, Irmela Predoc +49 351 210-2577
Vijayakumar, Jeshlee Guest Scientist +49 351 210-2964
Zarin, Taraneh Guest +49 351 210-2463

Sonja Kroschwald
Former PhD student, now joint postdoc with the Hyman lab

Sonja studies how RNP granules such as P bodies and stress granules form in budding yeast. She is using live cell imaging and reconstitution techniques to study the material properties of these bodies in vivo and in vitro.

Shovamajee Maharana
Postdoctoral Fellow

Shova is studying the dynamics of RNP granules by using biophysical approaches. She is particularly interested in the role of RNA in regulating the dynamics of RNP granules.

Liliana Malinovska
Former PhD student, now postdoc

Lili is interested in understanding how Dictyostelium discoideum is controlling its highly misfolding-prone Q/N-rich proteome. Her focus is primarily on the protein quality control system as well as on the question of how aggregation-prone proteins such as prions are induced, maintained and spatially distributed in Dictyostelium.

Matthias Munder
Former PhD student, now joint postdoc with Vasily Zaburdaev lab (MPI-PKS)

Matthias is studying dormancy in different eukaryotic model organisms. He is using genetically encoded viral particles to probe the material properties of the cytoplasm through particle tracking approaches.

Elisabeth Nueske
PhD student

Elli is investigating a set of proteins that form reversible assemblies upon nutritional and environmental stress. She is interested in understanding their function as well as the mechanisms by which they assemble.

Daniel Mateju
PhD student

Daniel is studying the interaction of RNP granules with misfolded proteins and the role of the protein quality control machinery in this process.

Christiane Iserman
PhD student

Chrissy is interested in studying the phase behavior of prion-like RNA-binding proteins in vitro.

Andrii Kopach
PhD student

Andrii is reconstituting the phase behavior of disease-causing RNA-binding proteins in vitro. He is particularly interested in the question of how patient mutations modify the phase behavior of these proteins.

Doris Richter
Technician and lab manager

As the lab manager Doris is interested in all sorts of things and she is trying to keep things running smoothly in the lab. She is also doing most of the cloning in the lab.


Ivana Petrovska
Postdoctoral fellow

Ivana investigated a metabolic enzyme that reversibly forms filaments upon nutritional stress.

William Hirst

William investigated how nutritional cues modulate the folding and holding functions of chaperones.

Gayathrie Kulasegaran
Master student

Gayathrie purified a metabolic enzyme from E. coli and reconstituted its filament-forming abilities in vitro.

Sandra Palm
Bachelor student

Sandra investigated the ability of computationally predicted prion-like sequences from Dictyostelium to form amyloids and prions. 

Alessandro Rinaldi
Master student

Alessandro investigated a new system for studying protein-protein interactions in cells based on a viral capsid protein.