Research Groups

We have a running search for a computational Postdoc with working on bat genomics, genome annotation, comparative analyses, linking trait differences to genomic differences. Please apply to Michael.


In general, we are seeking students and postdocs interested in genome-wide computational analysis and comparative genomics but also with a deep interest in species biology and natural history.

Our work involves many aspects ranging from computational biology, genomics, evolution, computer science to molecular and developmental biology, zoology and systematics. The group is jointly affiliated with the Max Planck Institute for the Physics of Complex Systems and the Max Planck Institute of Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics as part of the joint Center for Systems Biology in Dresden. Both institutes are highly interactive and interdisciplinary workplaces, provide an international atmosphere with English as working language and access to cutting-edge computational and experimental infrastructure.

PhD students

We are currently searching for PhD students interested in the molecular basis of phenotypic differences. Our projects range from developing comparative genomics methods, applying our computational approaches and analyzing the results to testing phenotype-genotype associations experimentally.

Interested students are encouraged to email Michael about projects and opportunities or apply directly to our IMPRS CellDevoSys PhD Program.

Master or Bachelor Projects

We are offering several projects related to the computational aspects of our genomics research to students having a solid programming experience and proficiency in linux. These projects are flexible and are suitable for both Diplom/Master and Bachelor projects. Interested students are encouraged to email Michael.