22th April 2017

The Norden lab & friends took part in the March for Science Dresden. World-wide, people joined the March for Science to celebrate the value of science for society and to demand that politics acknowledges evidence-based facts in its decision-making process.

4th April 2017

Jaydeep's preprint about early eye development is now published in eLife! To have a look, just click here.

4th April 2017

Jaroslav gave a talk at the Charles University in Prague, Department of Cell Biology, where he did his undergraduate studies. He talked about the research on neuronal migration in the retina and about the experience of doing his PhD abroad.

26th March 2017

The second installment of Norden lab&friends movie night. This time there was a lot to celebrate: Jaydeep's paper acceptance, Iranian and Indian New Year. We also baked a cake together by an old Armenian/Iranian recipe.

18th March 2017

Jaroslav received an award for his PhD thesis work at the Joint meeting of the German and Japanese societies of developmental biologists in Kiel.

13th February 2017

Rana was awarded a 2 year postdoctoral fellowship from the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada to work on her project entitled: 

Deconstructing the Retinal Lamination: from transcriptomics, cell-cell and cell-tissue interactions to mechanobiology

6th February 2017

Jaroslav successfully defended his PhD thesis.

6th January 2017

The Norden lab has a new logo!

25th October 2016

Right after one preprint got published, Norden lab posted another preprint.This one is on Jaydeep's project about collective cell migration during optic cup morphogenesis.

"Epithelial cells of the optic vesicle migrate collectively along the rim of the optic cup to build the hemispherical retinal neuroepithelium. The spatiotemporal coordination of cellular behaviors, morphogenic movements and fate determination brings cells to their right location in right time."

24th October 2016

Our preprint on retinal ganglion cell translocation and establishment of the first layer of neurons in the retina is now published.  You can find a quick digest in the JCB video summary and the context in the spotlight article, which highlights it. Cover image: Julia Eichhorn, MTO, MPI-CBG.

12th October 2016

Norden lab teambuilding! Picture taken right after our escape from the escape room (or after they let us out of the escape room to be more precise).

30th September 2016

The first night out with our new postdocs Rana and Frederic, welcome!, on the occasion of Jaroslav handing in his PhD thesis. How much is too much sushi? We investigated.

30th July 2016

The first preprint of the Norden lab describing Jaroslav's project on retinal ganglion cell translocation and establishment of the first layer of neurons in the retina. Feedback welcome. Stay tuned for the journal publication, hopefully coming in a few months. http://biorxiv.org/content/early/2016/07/29/066761

14th June 2016

Mauricio's farewell lunch before returning to Brazil to finish his PhD. See you in one year!

9th May 2016

Norden lab hike in the beautiful Saxonian Switzerland. View from Gamrig to Rathen and Bastei.

11th April 2016

Successfull Norden and Tomancak lab collaboration. The scientific video article about using light sheet microscopy to study zebrafish eye development was published in Journal of Visualized Experiments http://www.jove.com/video/53966/using-light-sheet-fluorescence-microscopy-to-image-zebrafish-eye

You can watch the whole video in the Gallery section.

5th April 2016

Caren gave a talk about our retinal ganglion cell and photoreceptor projects at the Neuroscience winter symposium in Soelden.

16th February 2016

Successful Huttner, Taverna and Norden Lab collaboration. Elena's paper on non-canonical features of Golgi apparatus (non-pericentrosomal) in neural stem cells is now out. An example of how in vivo imaging in zebrafish can strengthen conclusions on brain development in the mouse. www.nature.com/articles/srep21206

8th February 2016

First meeting of the newly established EMBO YIP sectorial on tissue morphogenesis in Dresden February 7th -9th. Hosted by Caren Norden and Julien Vermot.

Everybody had a great time and we will definitely continue with this group. Next meeting will be held in France in 2017.

14th January 2016

Anna successfully defended her PhD thesis today. Congratulations!

13th January 2016

We were filming our video about Light sheet imaging of zebrafish eye development for the JoVE journal. It will be out in a few weeks. Thanks to everyone involved!

December 4th

Norden lab Christmas party following the science writing workshop with Ian Patten. Merry Christmas everyone!

23rd November 2015

Welcome Niklas!

Niklas Ifflander will do an internship in our lab until January. Another flag to our collection!

24th September 2015

The paper of Paulina and Edo about the cellular response to supernumerary centrosomes is published. The news here.

Halloween party 2015