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General Contact Information

Max Planck Institute
of Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics
- Shevchenko -

Pfotenhauerstr. 108
01307 Dresden

Phone +49 351 210-2615
Fax +49 351 210-1689

Current Lab Members

Name Position Email Phone
Has, Canan Guest Scientist
Jumel, Tobias Predoc
Miranda Ackerman, Eduardo Jacobo Postdoc +49 351 210-2421
Radrezza, Silvia Postdoc
Rzagalinski, Ignacy Postdoc +49 351 210-2673
Schuhmann, Kai Postdoc +49 351 210-2601
Shevchenko, Andrej Group Leader +49 351 210-2615
Thomas, Henrik Technician +49 351 210-2557
Traikov, Sofia Postdoc +49 351 210-2980
Vvedenskaya, Olga Postdoc +49 351 210-2621

Andrej Shevchenko

I am a career analytical biochemist with special interest in mass spectrometry and how it transforms life sciences landscape to make it quantitative and molecules-oriented.

Bharath Kumar Raghuraman

From Chennai, South India, working on absolute quantification of metabolic enzymes. Outside the lab, I am an avid musician, traveler and cook.

Canan Has

I am post-doctoral research associate for bioinformatics in Shevchenko Group. With experience in bioinformatics, mass-spectrometry and biology, I have been working with multiple kinds of omics data analysis applied to various different biological context. My current specialization is integration of MS-based omics data such as proteomics, lipidomics and non-MS based omics data such as genomics and transcriptomics. I earned my Ph.D in Molecular Biology-Bioinformatics from Izmir Institute of Technology, (Turkey) in 2017 with a visiting period in Free University Berlin (Germany) and KNIME GmbH (Germany). I received my B.S degree in Molecular Biology and Genetics from Istanbul University with

Erasmus stay in University of Copenhagen (Denmark). During my PhD studies, I cofounded one of the first bioinformatics companies in TR specialized in big biological data analysis on cloud system with the support of Turkish Scientific and Technological Research Council (TUBITAK) academic start-up grant.

Jacobo Miranda Ackerman

I am interested in information extraction from noisy data, specifically processing repeated mass spectrometry measurements, by analyzing multiple measurements. I am able to detect and extract patterns that are analyzed by expert experimentalists, and information is extracted and refined, such as quantification, signal consistency, and contaminant information. With the goal of encoding the expert.

Henrik Thomas

I learned industrial mechanics 1987-1990, studied chemistry 1990-1995 in TU Dresden, and did my PHD 1997-2002 at the Institute of Analytical chemistry, TU Dresden. I have been in MPI-CBG since 2002.

Ignacy Rzagalinski

My research focuses on bioanalytical mass spectrometry and separation techniques towards absolute quantification of biologically important molecules. During my PhD (analytical chemistry), I studied fundamental and applied aspects of MALDI imaging mass spectrometry, with focus on quantifying drugs and metabolites spatial distributions in different biological tissues. My current research concentrates on developing new methods and standardization approaches for fast and absolute (molar) quantification of proteins, with particular emphasis on their clinical and biomedical applications such as measuring indicators or biomarkers of disease status.

Kai Schuhmann

I am an enthusiastic natural scientist who fell in love with mass spectrometry. In recent years, I have been working on methods to improve the quantification accuracy and to expand the capabilities of the shotgun lipidomics. My recent notable achievements include a method for intensity-independent noise filtering of FTMS spectra, lipid flux analysis using ultra-high resolution Orbitrap FTMS with >1M resolution, as well as a fragment intensity model to compensate for analyte-specific differences and accurately quantify molecular lipid species from MSMS.

knowledge in software for a non-expert to have a better insight into the data. I am the developer and maintainer for the LipidXplorer, PeakStrainer, and other lipidomics software.

Olga Vvedenskaya

Being a part of Shevchenko team gives me an opportunity to apply mass spectrometry to translational medicine, which was something I was looking forward during my MD and PhD studies. I am grateful for this opportunity to do cutting-edge science with a bunch of kind, fun and supportive people.

Tobias Jumel

Hello, my name is Tobias, and I’m Ph.D. student in proteomics. I utilize new approaches and software to boost the number of proteins that are accurately quantified by mass spectrometry, especially at reduced instrument time.

Former Lab Members

NamePosition in the Shevchenko Lab
Sophie AyciriexPostdoc
Tiago BalbuenaVisiting Scientist
Mesut BilginPostdoc
Luke BuchananPredoc
Maria CarvalhoPostdoc
Giovanny Covaleda CortesVisiting Scientist
Marina Edelson-AverbukhVisiting Scientist
Christer EjsingPostdoc
Kim EkroosPhD Student
Virginia Maria Ferreira ResendeVisiting Scientist
Karem GallardoPredoc
Marc GentzelPostdoc
Michael GroesslPostdoc
Jan HavlisPostdoc
Ronny HerzogPhD Student
Magno JunqueiraPredoc
Christian KlosePostdoc
Oskar KnittelfelderPostdoc
Mukesh KumarPhD Student
Oksana LavrynenkoPhD Student
Steffi Lenhardtech. Assistant
Adam LiskaPhD Student
Ekaterina LobanovaVisiting Scientist
Alex MilentyevPredoc
Cyrus PapanPostdoc
Gerald RechbergerVisiting Scientist
Susanne SalesPostdoc
Julio SampaioPredoc
Janine SchmidtGuest
Dominik SchwudkePostdoc
Christina ValcuVisiting Scientist
Yuting WangGuest
Patrice WaridelPostdoc
Natalie WielschPhD Student