Research Groups

Selected Key Publications

Toth-Petroczy A*, Palmedo P*, John Ingraham JI, Thomas A. Hopf TA, Berger B, Sander C, Marks DS. Structured states of disordered proteins from genomic sequences. Cell 2016, 167(1):158-70.

Rockah-Shmuel L, Toth-Petroczy A, Sela A, Wurtzel O, Sorek R and Tawfik DS. The Occurrence and Bypass of Frame-shifting Insertion-Deletions (InDels) to give Functional Proteins are correlated. PloS Genetics 2013 (10) e1003882

Dellus-Gur E*, Toth-Petroczy A*, Elias M, Tawfik DS. What makes a protein fold amenable to functional innovations? Fold polarity and stability trade-offs. J Mol Biol 2013; 425(14):2609-21.

Toth-Petroczy A and Tawfik DS. Protein insertions and deletions enabled by neutral roaming in sequence space. Mol Biol Evol 2013; 30(4):761-71.

Tóth-Petróczy A and Tawfik DS. Slow protein evolutionary rates are dictated by surface-core association. PNAS 2011, 108(27):11151-6.

* equal contribution