Upcoming Events

Here, we list events targeted at the general public.
You can find all upcoming research seminars taking place at the Institute in the Seminar Schedule.

Jun 16

Dresden Science Night

A fun summer night with loads of science!

The Dresdner Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften (Dresden Science Night) is Dresden’s major science event. Once a year in summer, 125 Dresden research institutions open their doors between 6pm and 1am for the public to show what they do – with talks, presentations, and science shows in almost 100 locations. The MPI-CBG has been part of this program since the beginning in 2003 and offers spectacular, fascinating experiments, a huge hands-on area for kids, talks, and stations with science presentations hosted by researchers from MPI-CBG labs. A fun summer night with loads of science! 

Jun 16
MPI-CBG Auditorium

Science Quatsch

The Open Mic Night for weird scientists

Science Slam? Had that!

SCIENCE QUATSCH: The open mic night during Dresden Science Night with 5 scientists and their funny comedy sets. Any research area. Any kind of humour. But you will for sure laugh and learn, giggle and goggle!

Jun 20
GrooveStation Dresden

Science Café: Animal experiments

Pro testing or protest?

Do we still need animal experiments in biological and medical research? Complex systems such as the immune or nervous system cannot be studied and understood by means of simplified models or computer simulations. Does this justify potential stress for test animals? What kind of research is performed with what kind of species, and how are the animals kept in facilities? What is the procedure of obtaining permission for animal testing? How can the number of animal experiments be reduced? What are alternative methods, and what are their limits?

Discuss with researchers, veterinarians, and animal welfare officers:

- Ronald Naumann, head of the MPI-CBG Transgenic Core Facility
- Oliver Zierau, animal welfare officer, TU Dresden
- Angela Rösen-Wolff, University Clinic Carl Gustav Carus Dresden