Three at a stroke

TU Dresden awards “TUD Young Investigator” status to MPI-CBG group leaders

All good things come in threes… The TU Dresden (TUD) has awarded MPI-CBG group leaders Michael Hiller, Florian Jug, and Christoph Zechner the “TUD Young Investigator” status. The program is part of TUD’s Institutional Strategy and strengthens the position of excellent, independent research group leaders at the TUD or in partner institutions of the DRESDEN-concept. TUD Young Investigators are integrated more closely into the faculties and offered a range of qualifications tailored specifically to their needs. Michael is now connected to the faculty of biology, whereas Florian and Christoph are being integrated into the faculty of computer science.

The three young scientists, who are affiliated with the Center for Systems Biology Dresden, and with the Max Planck Institute for the Physics of Complex Systems (Michael Hiller), will benefit from different measures aiming to counteract the structural disadvantages that are sometimes experienced by this group of researchers. 

Every "TUD Young Investigator" will be given a TUD university professor as mentor and will be accepted by the faculty as examiner in doctoral procedures, particularly with regard to the dissertations they (co-)supervise. Additionally, the junior group leaders will get the opportunity to take part in teaching and various trainings individually designed to address the needs of academics in this qualification phase. 

Congratulations to all three!