Polarity, polarity!

MPI-CBG Science Spotlight on the Knust Lab

The Knust Lab focuses its research on why certain cells have a differentiated top and bottom side and how this polarity develops. Since loss of cell polarity causes tissue to degenerate or to grow uncontrollably, this research eventually leads to a better understanding of various diseases, from cancer to blindness.

"We really are privileged people, because we can follow our curiosity," says group leader and MPI-CBG director Elisabeth Knust in the latest "MPI-CBG Science Spotlight". This 3 min clip tells you more about her research focus, polarity in epithelial tissues, and on everyday life in the Knust Lab. 

The "MPI-CBG Science Spotlight" series introduces the various research labs of the Institute and takes a peek into the lives of MPI-CBG scientists, in and out of the lab. There's more to come - stay tuned!

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