Geeking out at the #FijiLearnathon

Learnathon of the Dresden Analysis-of-Images Suite

June 2017 saw the first ever de.NBI “Learnathon” of CIBI DAIS (Dresden Analysis-of-Images Suite) at the Center for Systems Biology Dresden (CSBD). This hands-on course was introducing the software ecosystem around Fiji, ImageJ2, and KNIME to a total of 25 participants from June 18th to June 24th. Specifically, the course was focussed on core libraries and concepts behind those analysis tools, taught the best-practices for how to use and apply those libraries, and also had an emphasis on how the existing community collaborates and communicates despite being distributed all over the globe.

The Learnathon week was also a fantastic opportunity to work on a number of real-world projects that directly add to existing and future solutions that are available to the general public. It was a fantastic week and we are looking forward to repeat this event next summer.