Dresden Science Night

A fun summer night with loads of science

Cells don't care about weekends, they don't care about Christmas, and they never call it a day. This is why 500 scientists from 53 nations at the MPI-CBG are absolutely flexible and in the lab 24/7 – not only during Science Night. But for that night we switch from lab routine to a summer night with spectacular, fascinating experiments.

You can learn more about STED microscopy, how developing organisms form patterns driven by oscillatory reactions, and see things disappear with Hatty Potter's Invisibility Spell! Or look at the abundance of small animals living in our Institute pond. Also, there's a huge Kids Area with fun hands-on stuff to do - like a race of algae, pipetting or building DNA from sweets. 

The program at the MPI-CBG

  • 9PM SCIENCE QUATSCH: The Open Mic Night with really funny scientists more info
  • 6PM-9PM The Open Air Lab – Life in the pond
    Take samples from the Institute pond and analyse them under the microscope. more info
  • 6PM-11PM Harry Potter's Invisibility Spell
    Make things invisible. A magic trick or an optical illusion? more info
  • 6PM-11PM See the world within ourselves
    Tours of the electron microscopy facility. more info
  • 7PM-11PM Oscillating Reactions
    Oscillatory chemical reactions and their part in the pattern formation of developing organisms. more info
  • 6PM-11PM From Cells to Tissues
    How cells organize themselves in intelligent ways to give rise to tissues more info
  • 6PM-11PM STED Microscopy
    How membranes are organized more info

Find the entire program of the Dresden Science Night at www.wissenschaftsnacht-dresden.de