Annual Career Symposium 2019

Ever considered a career outside of academia?


More than 100 participants at different stages of their career (Master students, PhD students, and Postdocs) joined the Annual Career Symposium 2019 in the MPI-CBG May 6, 2019 to explore career possibilities outside of academia.

A diverse panel of eight speakers from different countries and scientific backgrounds presented the challenges of switching to industry, either to classical positions in well established companies or “creating” a company for themselves. The participants also learned about new frontiers of publishing and preprints and how to direct the technologies and passions developed in academia to succeed in industry. During the talks in the morning, the speakers shared their career path and gave tips on how to prepare for interviews, how to balance work and personal life, and how to network to get useful information about different job opportunities. In the afternoon, there was the opportunity to further discuss these and other topics during the panel discussions, and ask even more questions and get advice during the round table discussion and networking BBQ.

Overall, it was a successful event, full of positive inputs and ideas for the scientists that are considering to pursue a career outside of academia. Thanks to everyone, who made this event possible!