A Potential new therapy for Parkinson’s disease?

Brochure and Website with background information

Back in 2014, Tony Hyman and Teymuras Kurzchalia – both researchers at the MPI-CBG – published their research findings on two products of the gene DJ-1 that increase survival of neurons. Parkinson’s and many other diseases are associated with a decline in mitochondrial activity in cells. They were showing that supplying D-lactate or glycolate can stop and even counteract the death of neuronal cells in the Substantia nigra brain region due to ceased mitochondrial activity. Both glycolic and D-lactic acids occur naturally in unripe fruits and certain kinds of yoghurt. This observation could become the cornerstone of a new form of therapy for Parkinson's disease. But to turn a discovery into medicine, there is a lot to do and it takes time. Basic research can provide the decisive key moment that enables a deeper understanding of disease.

In order to explain the discovery in more detail and shed light on it from different perspectives, we created a brochure that provides point of views of researchers and clinicians, but also of patients. You can read about how far the researchers at the MPI-CBG have already travelled - and how great the responsibility is to continue on this path. To make the brochure accessible to a wider audience, we also created a website which features the brochure content and additional video clips with interviews. You can also order the printed brochure there. All content is published in German up to now but an English version will soon be available. Enjoy reading!

Website: https://parkinson.mpi-cbg.de/

MPI-CBG press release from 2014