We are innovative

With the Dresden Model, the MPI-CBG Research Faculty has a unique structure: no departments, but a vibrant network of independent Research Group Leaders.

We are bridging scales

The MPI-CBG' s research program spans multiple scales of magnitude, from molecular assemblies, to organelles, cells, tissues, organs and organisms.

We are defining the cutting edge

The MPI-CBG develops customized microscopes, new technologies, software analyses, and high-performance simulations.

We are training outstanding young academics

120 students from more than 30 countries: The MPI-CBG offers one of Germany's largest and most successful PhD Programs.

We are cross-disciplinary

The MPI-CBGs research program brings together biologists, chemists, theoretical physicists, and computer scientists and creates a vibrant working environment.

We are international

500 top scientists from more than 50 nations ask the same question: How do cells form tissues?

We are a family

The MPI-CBG offers childcare services, family- friendly policies, flexible work hours and social events.  

We are sharing resources

A key feature of the MPI-CBG is its centralized state-of-the-art facilities led by experts and shared by all researchers within the institute as well as across other intitutes.

We are collaborators

The MPI-CBG is part of DRESDEN-concept, a research alliance using synergies in research, education, infrastructure, and administration.