How do cells form tissues?

We want to understand how cells form tissues and how these tissues develop into complex organisms.

Decoding Diversity

We want to understand the molecular principles underlying the development of organisms and how they brought about diversity.

Going into the unknown

We develop new technologies that make the invisible visible and simulate biological processes to understand life.

What makes cells tick?

We want to understand how cells function in detail, how they communicate, and how they organize intracellular exchange.

We are the Max Planck Institute of Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics (MPI-CBG)

We do pioneering basic research. 500 curiosity-driven scientists from over 50 countries ask: How do cells form tissues? Our research programs span multiple scales of magnitude, from molecular assemblies to organelles, cells, tissues, organs, and organisms.

15 Jan 2019

Wann landet der erste Mensch auf dem Mars? Wann wird der Mond zur besiedelten Außenstelle der Erde? Wann werden wir……

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16 Jan 2019

Don't miss today's CRTD seminar, 2pm @CRTDpress! 👥 Dr. Sophie Péron from @UniMainz talks about "Direct in vivo Gli……

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14 Jan 2019

If you've had any fish facility or husbandry issues, we want to hear about them! Please email me with your anecdote……

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10 Jan 2019

Sebastian Dunst & @PavelTomancak reviewed fluorescence microscopy techniques for Drosophila research. Perhaps not s……

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17 Dec 2018

Award for exceptional contributions to cell biology

The Keith R. Porter Fellow Award for Cell Biology 2018 for Gaia Pigino

29 Nov 2018

Funding for outstanding Research on Cilium and Retina

Gaia Pigino and Caren Norden receive ERC Consolidator Grants

12 Nov 2018

Latest Retina Research

10th Retina Information Day

11 Oct 2018

Open letter against xenophobia

PhD representatives from six Dresden research institutes address citizens of Dresden