How do cells form tissues?

We want to understand how cells form tissues and how these tissues develop into complex organisms.

MPI-CBG remembers Suzanne Eaton

Remembering Suzanne

Collected tributes to the life and legacy of Suzanne Eaton from family, friends and colleagues.

Remembering Suzanne

Decoding Diversity

We want to understand the molecular principles underlying the development of organisms and how they brought about diversity.

Going into the unknown

We develop new technologies that make the invisible visible and simulate biological processes to understand life.

What makes cells tick?

We want to understand how cells function in detail, how they communicate, and how they organize intracellular exchange.

We are the Max Planck Institute of Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics (MPI-CBG)

We do pioneering basic research. 500 curiosity-driven scientists from over 50 countries ask: How do cells form tissues? Our research programs span multiple scales of magnitude, from molecular assemblies to organelles, cells, tissues, organs, and organisms.

  • Protective protein islands for the cytoskeleton

    Tau proteins form a protective layer around microtubules

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  • The Autoinjector: Robot-guided speedy needle

    New robotic platform for microinjection into single cells in brain tissue

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  • Mechanism follows form

    Cell nuclei get positioned via different mechanisms depending on tissue shape

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  • Making Nano Structures Visible with superCLEM

    New workflow combines two high-end microscopy methods

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  • Liquid crystal liver

    First and new realistic 3D model of the liver lobule since the year 1949

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  • Scavenger cells protect against worm infections

    Fluorescent protein makes scavenger cells visible

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  • Programming supercomputers superfast

    Novel software library reduces development times 

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22 Sep 2016

Happy Postdoc Appreciation Week - Read all the postdoc comics here:…

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Great turnout for today's Pizza, Science and Beyond @mpicbg with Russell Towers from MTZ, talking about struggles a……

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It is always great to appreciate the fantastic postdoc community at the @mpicbg…

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Great PI, great lab, great institute.…

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12 Sep 2019

EMBO Practical Course on Mouse Genome Engineering

Training by pioneers of CRISPR, mouse developmental biology, genetics and bioethics

9 Sep 2019

Carl Zeiss Lecture – Award for Tony Hyman

Award of the German Society for Cell Biology for excellent achievements

4 Sep 2019

ERC Starting Grant for Moritz Kreysing to create GHOSTs

Uncovering the genetic basis of tissue transparency

21 Aug 2019

Summer Learning at the CSBD

Students Explore Computational and Algorithmic Approaches to Biological Systems

Sep 27 – Sep 30


EMBO workshop “Lipid function in health and disease

The EMBO workshop on “Lipid function in health and disease” will take place from September 27-30 at the MPI-CBG.

EMBO workshop “Lipid function in health and disease

Oct 13

10:30 & 12:00 / MPI-CBG

Free Floating

Air-acrobatic performance as part of a cultural program for the application of Dresden as Capital of Culture 2025.

Free Floating

Nov 9

10:00 - 15:00 / MPI-CBG, Pfotenhauerstr. 108

11th Retina Information Day

Talks, presentations, and discussion on research on retinal diseases

11th Retina Information Day