How do cells form tissues?

We want to understand how cells form tissues and how these tissues develop into complex organisms.

MPI-CBG remembers Suzanne Eaton

Remembering Suzanne

Collected tributes to the life and legacy of Suzanne Eaton from family, friends and colleagues.

Remembering Suzanne

Decoding Diversity

We want to understand the molecular principles underlying the development of organisms and how they brought about diversity.

Going into the unknown

We develop new technologies that make the invisible visible and simulate biological processes to understand life.

What makes cells tick?

We want to understand how cells function in detail, how they communicate, and how they organize intracellular exchange.

We are the Max Planck Institute of Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics (MPI-CBG)

We do pioneering basic research. 500 curiosity-driven scientists from over 50 countries ask: How do cells form tissues? Our research programs span multiple scales of magnitude, from molecular assemblies to organelles, cells, tissues, organs, and organisms.

  • More time for research

    Artificial Intelligence fully automates scanning probe microscopy

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  • Understanding the machinery behind a bigger brain

    New insights into the role of the transcription factor Sox9

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  • Controlling organ size and shape

    A systems analysis of liver regeneration

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  • 3D culture system for growing and maintaining human pancreas ductal organoids

    Long-term expansion, genomic stability and in vivo safety of adult human pancreas ductal organoids

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  • The genetic secret of night vision

    Compact DNA organization improves vision in nocturnal mammals.

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  • Less randomness for more reliability

    Researchers reveal how cells can balance random events in biochemical processes

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  • Let’s build a cell

    Dresden researchers engineer a minimal synthetic cellular system to study basic cell function

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3 Apr 2020

How do cells use the information stored in the genome? How do biochemical molecules behave in water? These are just……

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Wettlauf mit dem Virus: Der Fahrplan für neue #Impfstoffe in einer #Infografik…

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28 Mar 2020

1) You have data to analyze? Retweet this! 😊 2) You don’t? Retweet this! (Your network might!!!! 🙏 3) You want to……

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2 Apr 2020

Heute konnten die DRESDEN-concept-Partner und der @biosaxony die ersten #Gesichtsschilde an die Zentrale Krankenhau……

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31 Mar 2020

Funding for innovative ideas and frontier research

European Research Council’s Advanced Grant to Pavel Tomancak

27 Mar 2020

Structure and function of biological membranes

HFSP Program Grant Award for Marino Zerial

20 Mar 2020

The MPI-CBG and the Covid-19 pandemic

Measures taken and what we are doing to help

24 Feb 2020

19th Annual Wiley Prize in Biomedical Sciences

Award for Pioneering Studies in Cell Biology to MPI-CBG director Tony Hyman

Apr 21

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Phase separation in biology - newly discovered mechanism in diseases?

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