Research Groups

The Protein Expression Purification and Characterization (PEPC) facility provides expertise, tools and reagents for recombinant protein over-expression, purification and analysis


We offer

  • A set of vectors to express proteins in bacteria, mammalian and insect cells
  • cells (E.coli, HEK293, Sf9)
  • reagents (recombinant enzymes for molecular biology, protein biochemistry and high-throughput screens)
  • advice and protocols for protein purification and analysis
  • assistance and equipment


  • Shaking incubators ISF-4-W, Künher
  • microfluidizer Emulsiflex C-5, Avestin
  • automated Liquid Chromatography systems (Akta Pure, GE Healthcare; BioCad, PerSeptive Biosystems; Smartline, Knauer; ProStar, Varian)
  • Static light scattering coupled to size exclusion chromatography Viskotek GPC max Tda 305, for Mw determination, Malvern
  • Zetasizer nano ZSP, for dynamic light scattering and Zeta potential measurements, Malvern
  • Chirascan Plus Circular Dichroism, Applied Photophysics
  • Monolith NT.115 (Blue/Green) for molecular interactions, NanoTemper Technologies
  • Typhoon GE Healthcare and Odyssey SA Li-Cor imaging systems


    Protein Production and Purification Partnership in Europe

    Association of Resources for Biophysical Research in Europe

    Protein Quality Guidelines for Biophysical and Biochemical Studies